Wednesday, June 18, 2014

9 months

Who me? Trouble? 
Oh yes, this little 9 month old is a mover and shaker. 
She is becoming a daddy's girl and sometimes prefers Jim over me. That is new, since carter is still a mommas boy.

They love each other. It makes me happy when they play together or laugh together. So cute!

She has to be crawling, walking( with help), or climbing. She has to be moving. She loves to walk behind her walker.

She loves being outside. Doesn't mind the being on the grass or trampoline.

He is a good big brother. He tries to take care of her. Loves to hold her and is even trying to hold her when she walks. 

She is a jumper but not always a fan of being contained in the jumper.

It is fun to dress up a baby girl! Especially cause she is so cute!

Carter loves golfing, mostly he runs from hole to hole. Delany wasn't sure about her first golfing experience. But she is becoming a daddy's girl! She has cried a few times when Jim gives her to me.

A little swinging in the hammock.

She is a monkey!

Loves to try new things, like sand! Yummy. She loves finger food and carbs. Bread, muffins, waffles, and baby puffs are her favorites! 

Love this cute baby! I squish her all day long.

And try to keep her from killing herself.... Little climber.


Now we have to work on getting down the right way!

This big boy is getting close to being fully potty trained.... It is a process! But he wears underpants most of the time. 
He loves to make up songs and perform. He is starting to get sassy and think he should be able to tell us not to do things or tell him things. He is very social and loves having friends come play and loves to go to nursery.
He was fearless touching this snake. He is getting so big.
I am back to teaching at sports academy and carter will be starting preschool there in a few months. Crazy. He will love it.
I ran my first half marathon this last weekend. Got to see all my girlfriends and it was so fun.
The John Marshall crew- jenni, Joanne, Suzanne, Jojie
Lunch with Lynnley 
Dinner with Julie, Beth, Jen, and Jaime 

Jaime ran the race too. She fun to catch up with all my California friends. Miss them!
"Ready, set, race!" $40 doesn't get you much except for the beach:)
I had some bad abdominal cramps that slowed me down after mile 9. I still managed to finish under 2 hours but I might have to run another one to see if I can do better:( can't believe I am saying that.... But all I have to do now is maintain. 
Came in 5th over all. The second fastest female. Not horrible:) my awesome husband took care of the kids so I could hang out in  HB. Miss that place! But life is pretty great!

Friday, May 16, 2014

8 months going on One....

Heaven help me. Delany is standing up on everything. She is much to small to be this much trouble. She holds on to the coffee table. She stands in her crib, naps times are harder now. She holds on to the bars of the safety gate and stands. 
I can't take pictures of some of the places she has stood cause I am too busy trying to protect her from killing herself. Going up is easier than going down.
Today while we were in my Pilates room, she not only stood up on my machine but managed to climb on top of it and stand. She apparently she is ready to walk up stairs. Yikes!
She has cut her two bottom teeth. She is usually happy and a good baby. She is starting to laugh and understand teasing and playing. 
She still isn't the biggest eater. She does like bananas and eating some finger foods, like digestive crackers. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. 
Easter outfits 
Play time
Carter is so fun but seems to be needing some extra love lately. Wants me to hold him all the time. one of his favorite things to ask- how was your day? So funny. 
He has started locking us out of the house. Awesome! He locked the front door and garage door and had the back door wide open for me to come in. He is a great story teller with expression and animation. He likes to make up songs. He refuses to be potty trained, I am not sure what it is going to take.
I seriously love my kids but somedays I think I need to be 10 years younger. But they sure are cute!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Jim had to come to Florida for work and we tagged along. The pool at our hotel is fabulous, not that I get to enjoy it but it has a splash pool for kids with a slide that is perfect. Carter can do it all on his own and he is getting pretty sure of himself. That is all he does, so he has gone down it around a bazillion times. Delany has been a champ rolling with sleeping on the go or where she can and hanging out in the stroller. Not all about her on this trip. Carter on the other hand is eating hot dogs everyday plus lots of other junk and I actually am not making him come back to nap. That is a BIG step for me. We are all tired and not eating great but we are having fun. I even managed to get a run in at 8:30 last night. 
They have a Lego building station, so fun.
But here is where carter is feeling like a big man and having so much fun.
Carter and I got to go to universal studios. I had no idea there were two parks  so we didn't not chose the Harry potter one but it actually probably worked out for the best. Carter gets scared easily so we hung out at the kid zone. We did ride a roller coaster and a big water raft slide. And I carried him a lot of the time so he had a wonderful time.
He loved the trampoline filled with balls.
And the bounce house.
And climbing
And the roller coaster
He is one cool kid! Love him! 
He loves curious George so this was right up his alley. Well in theory, it was a crazy water park and ball craziness so he like the idea of it.
The Simpsons ride. He was a tired boy by then and feel asleep on my lap on the bus ride home.