Friday, May 27, 2016

End of preschool

Two preschool graduations! Kiddie adventures! His friends Graham, Wyatt, Jonah. His favorite thing about preschool are the friends he made. 

Field trip to willow park!
Rockin out at Sports Academy's graduation. His best buddies Braxton, Will, and Sam.

Can't believe preschool is over and he will be in kindergarten in a few months. Time goes so fast! 

Disney World

Going back wards- Epcot was the last stop, we ate our way from one side to the other. 

Hollywood studios was a favorite for Star Wars and frozen. Carter thought he wanted to be a Jedi till it came time to face Darth Vader. Then he backed out. The only thing Delany about going to Disney World was that we saw Darth Vader. 

Olaf- Delany was unsure of the characters but Carter was all about it. 

Not sure Carter was ready for some of the big rides we went on. 

He was intimidated by the grouchy storm troopers too but wanted to follow them for a bit. 
Buzz light year was a hit. Good thing we got there early so we didn't have to wait in line. 
The pool slide was a hit. Carter was diving under the water and swimming like a fish by the end of the week. 

Lany liked the goats
The train was fun for the kids
Icecream faces

Donald Duck was cool.

The kids did not like the 3D bugs life show! A little intense! 
Safari at the Animal Kingdom was awesome.

First Disney parade my kids have seen. They loved it. It was the day I took them to Magic Kingdom by myself. We all survived. 

Kids loved the rides. Although we only went on ones that were less than 25 min waits. 

One of their favorites were the tea cups. Good times. 
I don't love these cars.... Can't figure out the fun in them. 

Merry go rounds are always a hit. 

Poolside piƱa coladas! Yum!
The crayola experience was fun. 

Art work

Bus ride to the airport was as fun as the Disney rides! They love feeling so big. Delany did great on the plane till she threw up. The stewardess was useless but the man and lady in front of us helped and it was amazing. 
It was a great trip. But I think we will wait a few more years before we go back. Delany needs to be a bit older. 

Louis Hickman

The funeral equaled the grandness of this man. It was the coolest funeral I have ever been to. The military send off was amazing. The talks and songs were so good. The food afterward was delicious. It is one of the saddest days but it couldn't have been any more perfect. It suited my father in law's life and personality. I will always remember how happy and kind and loving he was. His fun sense of humor. He had a great sense of style and had such an inspiring life. He was a legend! We love him and will miss him so much.
Jim got to drive the hearse! Cool.... I guess.

Delany did not like all the noise. The band outside the church, the guns going off, the bag pipes. Pretty much all the things that made this funeral so amazing. 

The day they had in the hospital to say goodbye to Lou and to reminisce with each other was so special. 

Such a wonderful tribute to a great man. One we loved and will miss every day. 

We love you Louis Cardon Hickman and are grateful for the legacy you have left.