Thursday, September 25, 2014


Can't believe we are already at this stage. He is so excited and I know he will love it. I cried a bit the morning he left. He is at the sports academy so he also gets to swim and do tumbling. 
He thinks he is a big boy and can't wait to go to school and ride the bus, even though that will be a few more years down the road.
He was not shy when we went to orientation and I know he will be good and have fun. He was answering the teachers questions and raising his hand. He is such a fun kid.
Here he is ready for the first day and waiting for his carpool.
Maile, Nixon, and carter heading to preschool.
He loves "tramps" as he calls it.
Swimming he loves in theory, but they make him put his head under and lie on his back and things that he is nervous about. I think he is liking it better now.
He has come home with some more attitude since starting preschool, which I don't like. Not sure if he is feeling too big for his britches, or learning from other kids but I hope he figures it out. It could be because he is tried and wired after school. He also thinks his teacher knows more than his parents. He will start saying "b, Jim starts with b."  he doesn't like to be corrected. I am not worried he will make the connection, he is still so young. My big man!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer shanagins!

She is fearless. Loves to keep up with carter and doesn't let much stop her. So funny letting the water spray them.
Carter is getting so big. Fun to see him try new things and do big boy things. He is still my cautious boy who needs to be in control.
We love daddy!
We also love when cousins come to visit. Carter has so much fun hanging with these "fat" boys! They thought the name of their icecream was hilarious.
Carter does love rides. Even fair rides.
And Delany loves sucking on corn cobs.
Baby girl can go up and down stairs all by herself. No more baby gate. She is also walking by herself. She still prefers to hold a finger if she can lead someone around. But she can turn around and is getting pretty good. She is still taking a morning and afternoon nap. She can understand a lot of what we say and starting to say mama. 
She is a climber. And stands in her high chair 5 times a meal. 
She is a doll.
Handsome boy!
Good looking bunch!
We went to the zoo with the grandma Hickman, the christensens, and haslams. 
Carter and Delany love each other.
Got to love seeing them play together. It's the cutest thing.
First fat lip. Hazards of walking.
Preparing for someone's birthday! What?!?
Big helper.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Half marathon

Training. For me this is fast. I have run off and on for years but never trained like I did this year. It didn't always feel good or fun but I liked pushing myself. Best way to do this was running with my friend Ashley. I knew she would do better in the race cause she is an animal and my body was hurting pretty bad by the time the second half marathon came but still proud of myself. Although you always wish you could do a bit better. That is why I even ran my second. I haven't run since the race cause I couldn't walk after crossing the finish line. But it was the summer to run and I can check it off my bucket list.
An interesting experience, running  long distances. Not something I enjoy.

But we finished! Yah for us!