Monday, September 1, 2014

Half marathon

Training. For me this is fast. I have run off and on for years but never trained like I did this year. It didn't always feel good or fun but I liked pushing myself. Best way to do this was running with my friend Ashley. I knew she would do better in the race cause she is an animal and my body was hurting pretty bad by the time the second half marathon came but still proud of myself. Although you always wish you could do a bit better. That is why I even ran my second. I haven't run since the race cause I couldn't walk after crossing the finish line. But it was the summer to run and I can check it off my bucket list.
An interesting experience, running  long distances. Not something I enjoy.

But we finished! Yah for us!

Summer fun!

We love summer and being outside. Carter is a good big brother and helps Delany walk and slide. She thinks she is big and loves it! We have had a lot of visitors this summer as we have been planning Aunt Tami's wedding. Carter and Delany love the extra attention.
My handsome boy is getting so big. He is excited to go to Preschool this year. He is finally getting the hang of potty training and only wears a diaper at night. Even then he usually keeps it dry. 
He loves going to nursery on Sunday and is very social. Can't get enough of having firnds or cousins to play with. He likes helping get the crumbs off the floor with the dust buster. He likes playing with cars and building things with legos and use his imagination to play.

We found daddy's missionary tag as we were getting ready to say goodbye to Matt before he left on his mission.

Delany loves eating real food, especially corn on the cob.

At first she wasn't sure about her brother helping her walk, but now she welcomes his help.

We stayed in Idaho at a cabin with Jim's family. We had a lot of fun hiking, in the hot springs, karaoke, and playing with the family.

Hiking was a little more work for Jim and I as we had to carry the kids most the way. Guess they need to be a little older.

Delany thought she was big stuff when she got to start riding in carts. Maybe the only time she holds still. only because she is still moving. She stands up in her high chair at least 5 times a meal. She is a trouble maker.

Carter teaching Delany how to drive. I love seeing them play together and laughing together. It makes everything worth it.

Park days are one of our favorite things in the summer.

And bike rides. Carter can almost help pull his weight on this thing.

Still to young to enjoy the fireworks but we can show our support with the outfits.

We have been able to go golfing a few times this summer and it has been great. Carter has his own clubs and loves to hit the ball and run from hole to hole. Delany takes care of herself by getting in the cart and getting a drink of water by herself. Miss independent!

Any time we see a fair Carter begs to go on rides. He loves them.

Since daddy is not a fan, he has to go with mommy.

Someone can get in and out and drive the car all by herself. She is determined and always on the go.

This boy is silly and loves attention.

This girl is a little doll! So fun to dress girls. I fear when I have to learn how to do her hair.

Love them!

She loves music, dancing, and singing.

Always wants to play with toys her brother is playing with. And so it begins.

She is also a destructo. I think she single handedly messed up this room.I clean and pick up the same mess multiple times a day. So fun!

Boxes can be forts and slides.

So much work and effort but so much fun. Love my kids and the time I get to spend with them.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hawaii- in April

Had a wonderful time in Hawaii. Carter got to hang out in the cockpit . (Didn't think they still did that) super cool dude!
He was waking up at 4:30 every morning, boo!
So awesome to have grandma come with us!
Carter loved the ocean!
Delany loved grandma!
Our little swimmer, getting so big. 
The luau was great!
Hiking to the waterfalls! It was down pouring till we got out of the car, then it was beautiful! ( living right;)
Volcano tunnels! Cool!
We saw a shark on our submarine ride. It was so fun!
Shaved ice is legendary!
Beach time! We saw huge turtles and it was a high light! 
We gave grandma a few minutes off to relax!
Delany loves the water and eating sand!
She was a trooper and went with the flow.
He did a lot of playing!
Park time 
It was a great trip! Thanks to grandma!
Baby girl is sitting up and getting big!