Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't forget

Some funny things I want to remember about my kids.
Carter is such a cute big brother. He is usually pretty good to Delany. He wants her to come bounce with him or play. Today they were in the tent playing instruments together having a great time. When I went to check on them carter told me to go away. They were content to play with each other. They play foos ball. Carter will chase her saying "tickle monster". The other day Carter and I were building something with his magna formers and Delany kept break it.( normal for her, destructo) I was telling her to stop, Carter took her by the hand and nicely lead her to her car and said "here delany, do you want to play with your car?" He put her inside, shut the door, and gave her a push. It was a humbling moment for me. He is a sensitive kid and I am realizing that more now that he is in preschool. It really bothers hi when kids aren't nice. He likes to read the scriptures and the friend magazine and a kids version of Book of Mormon stories. He Loves playing games on the computer right now. When aunt Tami is here it's Crash of clans. He asks a million times a day if he can play. Jim looked at the credit card statement yesterday and learned Carter had been playing angry birds on his phone and had managed to buy $120 worth of extra birds  and things while he was playing. Yikes! Every time we drive past a car dealership he points out the red car he wants to buy and drive. He also knows what apps he will get on his phone when he get his own. 4 years old going on 16:) he is so happy and fun and a good kid with a big heart. Carter will say what letters words start with and can count to 20 without missing any numbers. The other day he was counting by 2's. He has a good memory.
Delany is also a happy kid and is tough, which is good since she climbs now and is so adventurous. She isn't scared of anything. She is still taking two naps and Carter takes an afternoon nap, which is how I have time to type this. They are good kids. Delany loves four wheeler rides, anything that gets her moving. She has started to sit still for a few minutes for TV shows. She loves animals. She loves to be silly and show off for people. She has a sweet tooth already.....oops. She wants to run on the treadmill. She is starting to say some words and try to copy what we say. Momma, daddy, carter, bubbles, water, happy. Just to name a few she is saying. She loves singing. Since Christmas her and carter will sing Angels We Have Heard On High. They can both sing the tune pretty well. The only thing she sits still for is to read books. They are both book lovers and smarties. She loves water. She stands up to ride her rocking horse. She is a daredevil.
Love these kids of mine. Even though I am sure I am messing them up in lots of ways, but I am trying my best. Hope they forgive me!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Too long

Update- Delany is still taking two naps. She is starting to talk but 90% of what she says is momma. She loves her brother. She loves to sing and dance. She loves to read books. She will grab some books and back up into your lap to get you to read them to her. She wants to climb everything. Even tries to trick ride her rocking horse by standing up on it. She likes to play foosball. She wants my phone. She likes to help and watch when I am cooking. She wants to keep up with carter. 

Carter loves preschool, although swimming is not his favorite. He likes to run the show. He loves to chase Delany and say tickle monster, trying to tickle her. He is on a game kick and wants to play candy land or shoots and ladders. He loves reading and is able to read a few books from memory. He has an amazing memory. He is a good friend and a leader at preschool and church. He likes to follow rules. But he likes to have things his way and can get upset when they don't go the way he wants. He is still good about taking naps. He requires 2 stories, a twirly hug, a kiss, and a song. I love cuddling him. He is still a mommas boy. He loves shows and playing with friends. He is good at playing by himself.
He helps me wrangle Delany and does not bossing her around:) 
I have great kids, a lot of energy but fun and good natured. Love them!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Saw this outfit.... Before I was married and made my mom buy it. It had to wait for probably close to 8 or 9 years but I am washing it for my baby girl. Dreams do come true!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Little bug big day

Delany was a mover before she was born and she hasn't stopped yet. She is walking and figuring out how to get what she wants. She is the most communicative, non-communicator I know. You know exactly what she wants. She has climbed in her play car dukes of hazard style, she runs after her brother, and is now starting to yell at him if he bugs her. She can't sit still and is easily loveable cause she will go to most people. She can give kisses and is so happy and fun. She is fearless. Nothing stops her, I can find her digging through drawers, playing  on the stairs, dragging her snuggles around, or chasing her brother for fun. The best is when they are running around with each other laughing. I also love that carter has to give her a kiss before she goes to sleep. He is so good to her most of the time. He looks out for her and tried to help steer her in the right direction.
Her nick name is little bug, so a ladybug birthday seemed fitting. Thankfully my sister Tami was there to help me pull it all together.
We went a little over the top with the food. Ladybug strawberries, tomatoes sticks, pretzels, cake and cupcakes. Balloons, favors, and decor followed suit. It turned out so cute.
Tami is great at the details. And the cupcakes were adorable.
The spread! 
 We are amazing!
Carter loved having is friends and cousins to play with. Mason and Aeden are so good to him. And Ethan is Carter's idol.
Delany was happy to wear her ladybug apparel. Wings, hat, skirt. She looked adorable.
Tami was a huge help. Good at the little details and I couldn't have pulled this off without her.
Love my baby girl!
Cute as a bug!
 She loved the attention.
But she really LOVED the cupcake. Started off tasting the frosting, but by the end was shoving the whole thing in her face/ mouth. The way a first birthday cake is meant to be eaten.

She had lots of help opening her presents and playing with them. 
She loves books and anything her brother has, toys or drinks. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let you know or go for it. The party was a success. Happy birthday baby girl!


Can't believe we are already at this stage. He is so excited and I know he will love it. I cried a bit the morning he left. He is at the sports academy so he also gets to swim and do tumbling. 
He thinks he is a big boy and can't wait to go to school and ride the bus, even though that will be a few more years down the road.
He was not shy when we went to orientation and I know he will be good and have fun. He was answering the teachers questions and raising his hand. He is such a fun kid.
Here he is ready for the first day and waiting for his carpool.
Maile, Nixon, and carter heading to preschool.
He loves "tramps" as he calls it.
Swimming he loves in theory, but they make him put his head under and lie on his back and things that he is nervous about. I think he is liking it better now.
He has come home with some more attitude since starting preschool, which I don't like. Not sure if he is feeling too big for his britches, or learning from other kids but I hope he figures it out. It could be because he is tried and wired after school. He also thinks his teacher knows more than his parents. He will start saying "b, Jim starts with b."  he doesn't like to be corrected. I am not worried he will make the connection, he is still so young. My big man!

Wedding day

Best day of the year. The wedding day and festivities were perfect. Tami looked amazing.
The hotel take over the night before. We had pizza and swam. First time we have all been together in a long time. The kids had so much fun playing together. Toms boys fit right in the mix. Carter is already playing with and bossing them around.
The wedding was amazing. It was the perfect weather and Tami was gorgeous. I helped run things behind the seen but it was so fun.
It takes a lot to get the whole family together, but no one would have missed it. 
Carter has so much fun with his cousins. I don't think I saw him most of the night cause he was off taking pictures in the picture booth with the boys. He feels big.
Carter is also a great big brother. Delany looked darling.
It was a perfect day! We are so happy that Tami has found the one to spend her life with. Tom is a wonderful guy and so are his kids.