Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remember when...

Ahhhh....remember when I had fun trips to blog I am stuck blogging about being trapped inside my house. Last time it was the wasps...this time the weather. I almost remember what it was like to see the sun.....I miss you sun!
So about a week ago we had a huge thunder and lightening rain storm. I got excited, I love thunder and lightening. We had a power surge and a few minutes after I tried to pin point the buzzing sound I could hear. I found that the surge had turned on the tub jets. That can't be good for them to be on with no water. Other than that no problems, thank goodness cause lots of people in our area had to deal with flooded basements. Remember when I got excited about thunder and lightening...I do...but after a week straight of storms, some thunder and lightening, some just rain....I am not as excited when I hear the pitter patter of rain drops or light flashing in the sky. Like most things in life, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
I forgot to bring in my patio chair and now it is stuck in the mud. I don't have rain boots (or wellies, as our Irish friend who is visiting calls them) so I can't go rescue it and the puddle hasn't gone away for over a week. I am thinking about buying some boots today and possibly a row boat. I do not want to be one of those people who has to get rescued from the roof of the house. Okay...that might be a bit dramatic...but...honestly, it's a lake in my back yard.
So while I am stuck indoors I have been studying pilates cause I am getting certified to be a pilates instructor using the reformers (pilates machines). Kind of intense and challenging but good. Thanks to all the friends that have let me practice my teaching skills on them.
The other thing I like to do is make cards. My sisters both are cute little card makers. But Tami is a card professional....her cards look amazing. Mine never look as good as hers, but I still feel proud when I finish one. It takes me forever and a lot of times I only make one or two. My sister gets a pattern and makes a bunch of the same one so she has them on hand. Not me....I make one or two and then don't want to give them away....but I still give them away, hoping the recipient will appreciate how amazing the card is. Here is the card I made for my nephew Josh (yes I am claiming him even though it's Jim's nephew). Josh graduated from High School last week. So proud of him.
I hope the weather improves soon or I get to go somewhere on a little vacation. That would be lovely!