Thursday, August 27, 2009

Green at last

So last year for my birthday I said all I wanted was to have my yard finished.
Yeah....that didn't happen. So as spring rolled around I start begging my husband for a yard so I can enjoy being outside in the summer. He promised we would have it in by Sept. That was not soon enough for me. Then, typical to building a house, the powers that be started suggesting that they would put the yard in, in June. June was too rainy....okay, July....NO. So they really started sounding like August was going to be the month. I think, great, just in time for my family to come. They worked on my dirt, weeds, rock wall, and sprinklers....but still only had dirt for my family.
Then, like from the heavens above, the sod showed up a few nights this is the picture I took because my dreams were about to come true.
Hallelujah, my husband was true to his promise and I did get my lawn before Sept. Yesterday I went from dirt pile to yard full of lush, green, grass. OK....maybe it will take awhile for it to be lush...the sod was a little dry, but it's grass. Hooray for grass! This is the finished product. Now I can have friends over for BBQs and other fun things. Now I can sit on my porch and enjoy the quiet peace while surrounded by grass. Now, I can stop bugging my husband! I'm sure he is thankful!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


This is dedicated to my husband, even though he scoffs as I write it! Tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary! It goes by so fast. So to celebrate he planned a weekend away in Park City. We drove through Salt Lake and ate at The Melting Pot, which was delicious! Then on to Park City to relax, and we did. We stayed at a great hotel on top of Park City, hiked in the morning, got massages, and read books for a while on the patio over looking all the ski hills, then did a little shopping, and ate dinner. It was a fabulous lazy day. But as cheesy as it is to say, everyday is great with Jim. Honestly, waiting for him to come in to my life was worth it. We have so much fun, but we also appreciate each other. I love being around him cause he is always positive. He has a great attitude about life, he works so hard, is honest and tries to be fair with everyone, he lets things go, he is good to me, he likes to travel, he is amazing, he is my best friend and my favorite person to be around!
Here are a few pictures of us the weekend before in New York with his sister, Heather and her husband Don. Also, in Boston for a soccer game, so we did a duck tour before....and I needed duck lips to do my duck call.

This is us at the beginning of July with his family on the Oregon Coast. It was chilly up there but a great time.
I love you and feel so lucky to have you in my life! Happy Anniversary!