Saturday, July 25, 2015

What did you say!!!!!

I am not sure what prompted this little girl .... 

But she has started to ask to go on the potty. I am sure I will ruin it because I clearly don't know how to potty train... I still have to force carter every few hours😔. But she has successfully gone both poop and pee in the potty. She may be fully potty trained before my 4 1/2 year old. Oh course he loves to ask her and encourage her to go, so maybe he will potty train her for me. She sees carter insist on me holding his hand to go on the potty, so she needs her hands held too. 
They truly are so cute together. She will be sad when he goes back to preschool. And I got sad as I was buying clothes today and realized I will not be buying toddler clothes for him much longer. It's a sad day. One that people say comes all too fast. How can you want them to grow up and not want them to grow up at the same time. Love my kids and want to enjoy each stage of life with them and realize how precious it is.
We have ridden in a few parades this week, which my kids love. It's grandpa hickmans love too and one day the tradition will die with him. So happy to be apart of it while we can.
Family! It's all that matters!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ahhhhh summertime!

Summer is going so fast. Carter finished preschool and his first round of indoor soccer. He loved them both. He was the hardest playing, goal scoring kid on the team. I was a yelling maniac on the sidelines but he really was the star of the team and loved it. He can't wait for soccer to start again in a few weeks. This time he will be on the same team as his best friend from preschool, Braxton. 
Delany has finally discovered a love for paw patrols and the iPad. So now maybe we will travel with her😏. She is such a fun girl and talking up a storm. She also loves singing. Happy birthday is a favorite, as is cheese sandwich, a song carter made up when he was about her age. She loves her brother. They hug and play so good. Carter will go talk to her in her room when she is in timeout. Or hug her when she gets hurt. She loves having him around and keeping up with him.
Summer has been full. A Hickman family trip to California and weekend in Orem and boise. We love spending time with cousins and family. Still excited to head to Canada in a few weeks too.
Lany is a hooligan. I think she will be a dancer or gymnast. 
Carter loves to help parent Delany! He is a good big brother.
Hike to bridal veil falls in Orem. Carter is a great hiker. 
Boise for the 4th of July. The alands house really is a fun place to hang out.
Delany asks about grandma, grandpa, and Tami almost everyday. She loves spending time with family.
Carter finally got over his fear of water this summer. Between swimming on vacation and swim lessons he is becoming a fish. Diving under the water and jumping in, he is getting so big.

We haven't started building yet, but hopefully soon. I am teaching lots of Pilates and trying to keep up with the kids. Blessed life. Enjoying this stage.