Sunday, October 13, 2013


Post pregnancy- sometimes you cry!

I have been less emotional this time around for the most part, way more relaxed than my first. With that being said, whether it is due to lack of sleep, hormones, or anxiety, sometimes you can't help the tears. 
Sometimes they are tears of frustration or anxiety because I am on a strict feeding schedule.
Sometimes they come when people do nice things for you, like now cause my cute husband is trying to make my day better by cleaning up, taking the baby so I can nap, and just being helpful. 
Sometimes it's because you are holding a precious little angel and you feel so blessed.
Sometimes it is when the people you love leave and you are left to face this new phase on your own.
Sometimes they are for no reason you can think of. 
If I could control it I would! If it made sense that would make it better but sometimes you just can't help it. Like today! 
Delanys blessing day and tears have been coming for all sorts of reasons, but I can't help it! Bear with me, I just had a baby.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome baby girl!

Delany was born the 16th at 8:12 pm. I went from 5 1/2 to crowning in a matter of minutes, although I am wondering if the nurse knew what she was doing. But she came after 3 pushes, which is nice and she was only 6 lbs 1 oz. Lets just say, thank heavens for small babies! 
Carter never peed when his diaper was off. Delany has done it many times...what is the deal? I thought it was a boy thing but apparently not.

How do people do it without help and I am so grateful I don't have to find out. My mom is a rock star, she came and looked after Carter while I had Delany and was in the hospital. It took away a lot of my stress away knowing Carter was not getting bounced around and that he was having fun with Grandma. Of course there will be some tears and a reality check when she leaves for me and Carter. Grandma takes a LOT longer putting him to bed than he gets with his parents. She sings every song she knows and Carter sings right along with her, but he loves it! She will never know the depth of my gratitude for the time,sacrifice and service she has given me. She is one of the most amazing women I know. She has made my life so much easier and stress free the past few weeks.Thank you!!!!!
Carter loves his baby sister. He holds her everyday. Sings to her. Pats her head. And whispers it will be okay to her when she is crying. He is so good with her and did better than I expected with the changes around our house. I think we are all starting to feel a little more comfortable with the addition to the home and family.  But he is a great big brother. 
It was cold and rainy when we took her home, so this outfit wasn't the best planned, but it is cute. The summer was so hot and September has turned chilly far sooner than I was ready for. Since baby girl is still a wee thing we have to bundle her up to keep her cozy! The first few days I could not get her to wake up to eat, she wanted to sleep. She is a pretty good sleeper and I get 4 hours at a time at night, which is amazing!
Her cry and squeals are a lot louder and more shrill than Carters were. I haven't even put a monitor in her room cause I know I will hear her. Of course that is also due to the fact that I am a lot more relaxed with her as my second child. I can deal with her crying and not get worried or anxious. I have been less emotional, although there have still been a few days where those hormones get me. But overall my recovery has been faster and my anxiety has been less. That is good for everyone!

She loves her baths and getting her hair washed. 
She likes her soother like her big brother does. Carter will try to stick her soother in her mouth sometimes, it's cute.

She is a little doll! Loves to be in the sunshine for naps.
Carter thinks her little sounds and hiccups are hilarious! He has even gotten the hiccups a few times, funny cause he hasn't had them since he was a baby.

Of course her weight isn't what it is supposed to be....not surprising. I didn't have cream with Carter and I don't have it with Delany. What can you do? They survive, right. 

Back to my amazing mom, she has been sewing up a storm since she has been here, on top of caring for me, my children, cooking, and cleaning. Do I really have to live up to that????? Exhausting to be the fantastic. She made the crib set and curtains and blankets for Delany's room. It turned out so cute. I love it. Now I will just wait for my sister Tami to get here and put the finishing touches on the room decorations. 
Here Carter is holding her and giving her her soother.
More bath time. It helps relax her most times.

Carter's caterpillar turned into a butterfly. It is so cool and he still looks for his butterfly to come back everyday.
Here he is chilling on a nice day. He loves sitting outside on his chair with his feet up. And he really LOVES Popsicle! The other day Carter was eating lunch and was talking about seeing a spider, then says " I'm just eating my curds and whey." We laughed. He comes up with some funny stuff.

My friend, Lori, made this hat for her, it is so cute.
While daddy was away for business we cheered on the Cougars and they beat the Aggies. Delany was dressed for the game and Carter was cheering for BYU with mom and Grandma, who both went to BYU.

Sweet sleeping baby!
I will try to post more frequently now that baby girl is here, but I make no promises. We love her lots and are so blessed to have a healthy baby girl in our family.