Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Island Park

Here is my attempt at being a photographer!

You have to love long weekends! Jim and I headed out with Jim's sister Heather and her husband, Don to their cabin in Island Park. The cabin is a classic log cabin but feels like a home, minus the dead animals or stuffed cougar. Love it!

Dead animal pelts. There was also lots of deer heads mounted on the walls and things like that.

This is the snow mushroom outside the cabin. How does it stay like that????? Inquiring minds want to know.

We had a relaxing weekend, filled with fun activities! I introduced them to the game of Farkle. Yes, this is a real game. It involves dice, luck, guts, and strategy. We played it many times and all ended up winning. (I think I won the most) But Heather had the most amazing dice roll luck. And Jim kept practicing his dice rolling cause he likes to win.
When we weren't putting our feet up by the fire and playing Farkle we were either snowmobiling, or playing Guitar Hero. This was our first time ever playing. Jim started to get into being a rocker after a few times practicing. And let's just say I never got booed off the stage like some other people playing did.

Don still beat all of us. He is the biggest rocker of all! It was fun....even though I look was my first time when Jim took this photo and let's just say there were a lot of notes coming all at once.

Jim had a dead sexy outfit on under his snow clothes but he wouldn't let me get a picture and believe me I tried. It reminded of my of ninja meets 90's ski bum. This is all I could get.

Here we all are ready to snowmobile. The snow was perfect powder and I got stuck a few times trying to keep up with Don and Jim.

The snow outside the cabin was past my waist. I was the only one that wanted to go play in it. Luckily I didn't sink to the bottom but it still came up to my knees. I made a snow angel and Jim had fun from the deck taking a few pictures. One of the stair ways was completely full to the deck with snow. Crazy!

Thanks to Don and Heather for a great weekend!