Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Play time

I seriously wish teeth would come would make me feel better. For a month Carter has been chewing viciously on anything he can. He give him his soother for often, he cries/ makes grouchy sounds more often, they HAVE to be coming soon. It is not nice if they aren't cause they are obviously bugging him. So to entertain him I tried to have him play in this floaty device... which quickly became his chewing toy and a peek -a-boo game for me to play with him. It kept his attention for a while, so I was all for it.
This is me playing peek-a-boo with him.He laughs at me all the time....I am silly. The fool you make of yourself for your baby....sad.

Maybe he is using his imagination and pretending it is his spaceship. That is what it reminded me of.

He is sitting so well and seems to be discovering more things around him. He was playing with a draw handle the other day, and I thought to myself that it won't be long before he is getting into everything he can. He always tries to get our cell phones. I got one of my old ones for him to chew on and play with. He loves knocking over some blocks I have.
He looks at our food and pretty much wants whatever he sees that we have. (not that he gets it, but it will be nice to feed him people food.) I tried feeding him Avocados and peas the last few days..... he wasn't crazy about them so I mixed in a few pears and tricked him into eating them. I figure you do what you have to do, right!
He loves being outside...but it has been in the 90's for the past few weeks and we have to wait for shade to venture out. Also, we were trapped for a few days in the house because the wasps were soooooo bad. They love the heat. Jim used 3 cans of wasp spray and he still needs more.
Surprisingly he doesn't mind touching the grass. No big deal.

These are for my sister Tami. I bought this Superman onesie with her in mind. So all these shots are for her. PS. he could really use a hair's getting alittle out of control.

Have I mentioned that I love this kids face, smile, laugh, belly, toes, everything. He is so much fun. I was floating him on his back in the tub and he loved it. He was relaxed and just loved feeling the water moving around him. Might need to look into a mommy and me swim class soon.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

6 months

My sweet baby boy is 6 months old. Half a year....crazy! He is so much fun. I wish his teeth would come in already....seems like they have been bugging him for weeks and weeks. He is drooling and gnawing anything he can get his hands on. Which is anything he can see. He is starting to scoot towards things he wants, or roll to get places. He has a lot more to say, and it funny to listen to him babble.
We went to the doctor today for his 6 month appointment, which is not fun. He cried when he got his shots but I was ready with a bottle to ease the pain. He is fine so far but last time it didn't hit till the evening, so I'm not sure the worst is over yet. He is about average for everything but his head, which is in the 75%. He weighs 17 pounds, close to 18. He is 26 1/2 inches long...which I am not sure is accurate. I thought he'd be longer, but what do I know.
I found this new toy hidden in my basement and thought it would be the perfect new toy. I think this was a black Friday find from a few years ago, score. He does like to play the music and watch mom rock out to
the ABC song.
What he is like at 6 months - He sleeps so good. His naps are like clock work and he sleeps all night. He wakes up happy and smiling. We have taken him swimming a few times and he loves the water. He gets excited when he sees butterflies flying around. He likes going for walks. He likes standing up holding on to our hands. He is always pulling my hair....drives me nuts, but what do you do. He eats his vegetables and fruits really well. He didn't like mashed bananas or avocados. I think it was the texture.
We decided to try to take some cute 6 months shots at Jim's parents last Saturday. We enlisted Jim's sister, Suzanne cause she is good at stuff like that. (Thanks, Suzanne) No fancy camera, just my adorable baby and 3 adults trying to get him to smile for 45 minutes, while trying to capture a few cute shots. So I narrowed it down to these. I had to laugh on the way there cause it was Jim that was grabbing all the picture props. I'm sure he never thought the day would come when he was worried about such things. But the props were all him. What a great dad!

The arm props are mine. haha.

Suzanne's creative help trying to get him to pose on the slide. He wants the camera.

Jim's dad has an old car collection and we thought it would be fun to get Carter driving in the Jeffrey.

Suzanne brought her dog in case we needed smile help for Carter. These are a few darling shots of Carter and the dog. 

Kisses! Yum, yum!

More kisses. These ones Carter is very used to, since he gets them all day long. Man I love that kid!

How could you not love that face!

I finally bought him his own sunglasses. He doesn't try to pull them off. He likes to have his hat and sunglasses when we go outside. They are a touch big, but so cute. He is one cool dude!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Fun!

It was my anniversary on August 3rd. These are the beautiful flowers I got from Jim. This anniversary was flowers and fruit. I didn't get him people get that? I got him a much needed massage instead. Since having Carter I am not as laid back as I once was....more emotional and having no life of my own can be a hard thank you to my wonderful husband for putting up with me.
Here are my handsome boys getting ready to go to Bear Lake. We joined some of Jim's sisters and their families for the afternoon. It was a zoo because it was Raspberry Days, but we had a good time for a few hours and enjoyed a Raspberry shake to celebrate. Carter doesn't own a swim suit or swim we improvised. He loved being in the water.

Ok, he also loved being naked out of the water.

Here are all the cousins...for the life of us we could not get everyone looking the same direction at the same time.

He is getting better at sitting up, although sometimes he doesn't even try. It is easy to eat things while lying on his back. His head was hitting the top of these poles.

His first experience sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. We went to apply for his passport and went for lunch after. He did great in the high chair...although things are starting to get dropped on the floor.

He actually likes wearing sunglasses. These are mine, I haven't had a chance to find any for him yet.

Last night we went to the Logan fair. We saw all the 4H animals. Carter was laughing at the pigs, and enjoyed seeing the goats, cows, and roosters. I had to make Jim buy us tokens to go on the  Merry-go-round. He is a stick in the mud about some things. We will have to break him down. Carter did good on it till the end. Not sure he knew what was going on. I will try to post the video that Jim took...but it might take a bit to figure it out.
Carter is laughing more and squealing in high pitched tones. When he gets a little older that will have to stop. He also does a fake cough and then laughs about it. Like he is starving for attention....yeah right. I really expect to see teeth soon. He is so good and so fun. I really am blessed to have two incredible men in my life.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Soccer practice

(finally got the video to load, but it is not the best quality) Carter was having a great time playing with the soccer ball. I sound like a spaz on the video, but maybe that is how I always sound. He has the game figured out already, no hands, just kicking. Soccer has always been Jim's sport, so we are starting Carter young. It was pretty funny.
Golf is also a big sport for Jim, so a few weeks ago on Saturday we took Carter to the golf course and played a few holes. It was probably more fun for me, just good to outside and enjoying summer.
I really have to say that I am so blessed with how good and easy going Carter is. It is probably because I cater to his schedule, and don't give him a chance to get too tired, but it works cause he is a happy guy. He also usually goes right to sleep when I put him in his crib. He has started rolling everywhere in his crib and there was a day he was rolling on to his stomach in there and getting so mad. Sometimes he is legitimately stuck in a corner, but sometimes he was just mad that he was on his stomach. Apparently he forgot he knows how to roll over. This morning he had his butt in the air, knees under him partly on his side. Didn't look that comfortable but he was fine sleeping like that.
He is so great about chilling. I went to lunch with some friends and he sat there and didn't make a peep. I will enjoy this stage while it lasts. Soon I'm sure he will want to be everywhere. He is starting to grab for things on the table and eye food like he wants it. I can't wait to be able to start feeding him food, I feel guilty eating in front of him sometimes. We got him a high chair and we are teaching him to feed himself. It's funny to me that he will do it himself until I try to help then he will get lazy and expect me to do it for him. I didn't make him feed himself cereal...not there yet, but I let him eat the spoon after. It may look like he is feeding himself cause he has it all over his face, but that is not the case.

I got this as a baby shower gift and I am going to figure out how to use it so I can start making my own baby food. I will let you know how it goes.

Here it looks like he is reading the music and playing a song on his song book. He does love music.