Monday, May 3, 2010


I will start with the more spiritual side, before I move on to the worldly side.
My mom came to visit last Wednesday so we could go to Women's Conference at BYU. They pack as much as they can into that much so that you have to pack a lunch cause you don't have time to stop for one. It started Thursday morning with an opening session, then there were back to back classes. We skipped the last class and service project so we could eat lunch at 2 and get some shopping in. Then we were back that night for a great concert. There was Micheal McLean, Hilary Weeks (who sang one of my favorite songs), Alex Boye, Dallyn Bayles, Mercy River, and the Fab 5 dancers from America's Got Talent. It was amazing. Friday it was back to classes, but this time we made it to all of them and scarfed down half a sandwich in about 2 minutes before a class. Honestly, I haven't been before and have never really even thought about going, but things like this are always so good and uplifting. It leaves you wanting to be a better person and that lasts for at least 5 seconds till I am bad mouthing the driver in front of me as we drive out of the parking lot. Listening to the speakers, their inspiring stories and examples of faith was touching. It makes me want to be closer to the Savior and be more positive and a better person. Getting that to translate into my life is another story, but I am a work in progress.

Along with the spiritual, my mom and I had lots of fun. We found some fabulous deals of can't pass up a shirt on sale for $5-10. We would scan the clothes and laugh about the price, saying "it's ridiculous NOT to get it for this price." We ate Cheesecake and avocado egg rolls, two times. Went to a soccer game, bought a car, and made a cool rap video. My brother posts a rap video on Facebook every Friday. So I wrote the rap, (my first time participating) and my mom was free and crazy enough to rap it. Cause that is just how much fun she is. If I was more savvy I would download it onto my blog....but it took us hours to figure how to get it on to go to my Facebook page if you want to see it, and you will want to see it. Good times!

Next there is the material side to the weekend. I traded in my Acura TRX, which I LOVED and upgraded to this. A Lexus RX, which I am sure I will also love. It is used, but practically new and we got a good deal, so we couldn't pass it up. It was actually hard for me to let go of my Acura, it's been a perfect car. But I have been thinking about and looking at cars for months and when this came along I had to act. Thank goodness for Jim and for men that are able to negotiate and not get taken advantage of. I just turn it over to him cause they fill me with all sorts of nonsense. We liked our car sales man at the beginning, but in the end he is a car salesmen, just like the rest of them. You just have to laugh at the lines that they feed you, like "I had two other people want to buy that today." "Oh, you are really getting a great deal, I sold one like this for this much more and it didn't have.....blah blah blah" But he was personable and he had a guy drive it up to Logan for me, so that was nice.  It is so quiet and it drives nice so far. It's mine now! it looks gray in these pictures, but it is Bambo, which is a tan, green mixture.
And that was my exciting weekend!