Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heart Breaker!!!!

I bought Carter a new toy to chew on....basically it could double as a dog chew toy. It squeaks and is rubbery, but he chews on it. He hooked his arm around it and it was propped in his mouth while he was holding the dog. The camera didn't capture how funny it looked, but it made me laugh.

Here we are getting ready for church. He is snugly....and this may become a problem since he wants more snuggles to go down for naps. Do they go through phases????Guess I will just enjoy the snuggles and give them when he wants them. Everyone says to enjoy each stage cause they grow up so fast. I'm sure it's just because it's my first, but I am look forward to him crawling and I wonder what he will be like the older he gets.

I took some pictures of him in his heart breaker tie shirt. It's cute, but it was funny trying to get his arms out of the way. The last one, I moved his arms and his face is priceless, like he just got in trouble or something.
He is finally getting how to help prop himself up and lift his head when on his stomach by using his arms. Today was the first time he really got it. Yesterday I had him on a pillow on his stomach and he was quick to figure out how to drop a shoulder and roll on his back. Pretty smart kid. He kept scooting down in the tub so more of his body was under I decided to see how he did going all the way under. He did not like it, but it didn't stop him from sliding down to keep his body in the water.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stretchy baby!

So, a few nights ago we went to put Carter is his PJ's and he was too long. Honestly....I didn't want him to be squished so I pulled out these cute ducky pj's. They are 3-6 months and as you can see Carter was rocking the belly shirt. Also, he fits width ways across his crib. He loves to stretch and posed nicely for these shots. He is always width ways when we get him in the morning.

This is not an attractive picture of me...but I love how he was cuddling me so I had to capture it. He is so cuddly and I can't get enough of him.

Years before I had a baby I found these books at Target. (oh how I miss Target). Look at the animal and first words book make sense. But I'm not sure Carter will be enjoying the United States book anytime soon. Look at the close up of a page below. I think he will be smart but this might be pushing it. It has the capital, bird, and flower of each state. Got to love it!