Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adorable visitors

I love when my family comes to visit. This weekend we got my parents and my brother and his cute wife and 2 girls. We just chilled and spoiled the girls. Oakley, who has her first birthday in a few weeks, knew how to work the room and got packed around all weekend. She is so light and so smiley and fun. She loved the fan and tried to imitate my tongue clicking sound.
She was not loving the doctor costume....but it was so darn cute.
Then there is Jovie....she was born with a scowl but she has tons of personality. She would break out into, ABBA's Money, Money, Money, or Shake Your Booty. We'd all start singing along. She also is so cute when she wants something...she says "Should I have that? Or Should I do that?" She always wants someone to come play with her. She also loves to wear silky pjs all day.
Both the girls are so darling! They must get that from their mom.She also loves her movies. I think she had Princess Bride memorized. Here she is chillin' in my bed.

She was having fun jumping off the bottom step of the stairs. WOW, big jump! She was proud of herself.

My parents are the best. They get right in there and play on the floor with the girls. They are fun to have and we do shop out Logan, as usual.