Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crawling and hugs

No toy is safe! Guess I will be cleaning my floors a lot more.
Crawling under the train table.
 But really what she wants is to stand and play with the cars on top. Carter is not as happy about this desire.
Sucking on her lip.... Have I mentioned I am not a fan of teething.
Lots of brotherly love
And cute outfits. I knew I would be in trouble when I had a girl. They are so fun to dress.
Trying out all fours. Won't take her long to figure it out. 
Big brother. He is a good helper. 
She loves him. And he loves to help when she wakes up or is going to sleep. He gags when I change her stinky bum yet asks to see it.
Getting ready to go to baby animal days. 
There will be lots of this .....
But having a sibling is the best.
Baby animals was busy Andy kind of a bust. Carter didn't want to touch any of the animals.
The bear line was a long wait. 
Ringing the bell.

Birthday and half birthday!

It took a few weeks of her fighting solids but she finally opens her mouth and eats now. 
She was not a fan and spit it out. We had to force the spoon it. Not wanting to spoil her tiny figure since she is only in the 10% for weight. 
But she is a little doll. 
Then this cute boy turned 3. Such a creative, imaginative, active boy. Not sure if he is rescuing me or just wants to spray me with something.
He loves mugging Delany and trying to make her laugh. And the toy grabbing away has already started because Delany is mobile. She started army crawling at 6 months and is going after whatever she sees him playing with. He is not all about sharing.... Fun times ahead!
He loves holding her and having her around.
He had a superman birthday party with a few friends. Yes I am that crazy mom who had a toddler birthday party. Carter and his cousin Tate were the only ones that appreciated all the work I put into it. The other kids did not want to get involved in organized activities. We made masks. Then went on a super hero treasure hunt passing through obstacles. Along the way they each got a cape to wear( thanks to grandma Hickman) and a treat bag, and last to the piƱata. Carter loved it. Then we had lunch and are am icecream cake. The kids all had more fun running around the obstacles on their own. 
Lesson learned- no more toddler birthday parties. 
It is starting to get nicer out so we go out when we can. Delany, aka little  bear, gets bundled up and doesn't like the wind.
But she does like being outside.
So is a good little girl. Although she has been drooling a ton and can I just say I dislike teething and how long it takes.
Yup, she is all over now:)

We went to Boise for my nieces baptism and got to spend some time with my family. Also love that! Carter got dressed up like a knight to fight his cousins.
And Delany got lots of love.
Running errand with these two not the best idea for my sanity. But they do have fun together. 
Carter is very lucky to have such great cousins.
Grandparents and aunts and uncles. 
We had fun bowling
Love her!
Love him!
She moves better than she sits. She doesn't like to be still, she is mover and shaker. Wonder how long till she walks cause she wants to do what her brother does.