Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby Moon

It has taken me a few months to get this trip documented....laziness. But in October Jim took me to Ireland for our last big vacation before the baby comes. It was a combo anniversary/ birthday + a little nagging vacation.  It is our baby moon, last big trip before our lives change forever. Some of our favorite traveling companions came with us, Heather and Don (Jim's sister and her husband). To start this trip off we were blessed to get upgraded on some of our flights. Thank you business class, for reclining seats so I could elevate my legs. Heather and Don were very gracious, even though they didn't get upgraded, sorry guys.
The weather was better than we expected, which left Jim feeling bitter cause he never experienced that kind of weather the other times he has visited. We only had a few days of chilly and overcast, most of the time it was clear and warmish.
We had a fabulous time sightseeing and having Jim as our tour guide. We ate dinner with a family that he knew from his mission. We started off our trip by going to a soccer game. Talk about fans, the energy is crazy.

We also went to the Waterford Crystal factory. Beautiful stuff but not baby friendly! No crystal for us!
We ate a LOT of chips (french fries) and chocolate. Chips are served with everything, even Italian food. And well, the chocolate is so good over there so we always had a stash for car rides or walking tours. We might have gained a few pounds...but what can you do. (Work it off when you get home, or blame it on pregnancy) We saw lots of amazing castles! Here I am kissing the blarney stone for the gift of eloquence. Not sure it worked.
Here we are in Kinsale checking out the forts. Grass grows on everything, cool.

A stop on our drive through the countrysides of Ireland.

The Giants Causeway. Amazing what nature can do. Kind of reminded me of the Superman scene when they are in the ice cave talking to Superman's dad.
The Cliffs of Mohr. You can't tell from this picture but they are gorgeous. Jim was mad that they have put up fences so people can't go close to the edge of the cliffs like they once could. Apparently some people have been blown off, but Jim's theory is "Survival of the fittest!" I told him guidelines to keep us safe are not a bad thing. But he likes to live on the edge, so we hopped the fences and walked the path by the edge.

Ireland sights were amazing. We had a great trip and the only snag we had was when we (not mentioning any names) put the wrong kind of gas in the car. Had to take a 2 hour detour to drain the tank and refuel. The most amazing thing was the mechanic didn't charge us for the service cause he said we paid enough in wasted gas. So NICE! It's always a good reminder to be a giving and Christlike person.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just stole this from a friends blog, cause it fits. It's a lesson I continue to be taught, that our lives are in God's hands. He has so many amazing things in store for us, if we just trust him. I do, and I am glad he is going to be trusting me with a little boy soon. I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's a Boy!

After all my talk about wanting a girl, we are excited for the news of a boy! I must explain my desire for a girl, I actually don't care about what order boys or girls come in, and I have nothing against boys....I just always knew I would get boys and I want to make sure I also get a girl. So I wanted a girl so I wouldn't have to stress about what else came. But apparently, I will have to sweat it out down the road. But I am happy that so far everything looks good and I swear just today the little guy started to pop out.  So I guess now I will start thinking about getting some maternity clothes and I can start looking for cute boy things. It will start being more real, cause we haven't discussed anything so far.
They gave us a DVD of everything they saw today, with the baby moving around....actually he wasn't moving much, we had to push him around to even see what he was. He was hanging out with his feet over his head most of the time. Just picking up my moves from pilates. It was a relief to me that everything looks good. I just like to worry, but so far so good. Can't believe I am half way done. This half was the easy part.
I think my husband is a little disappointed, I haven't had any cravings yet, or really nothing to complain about. It has been nice....does that mean he will be a disaster when he comes out? Oh dear!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News to Some

For some of you this will not be new news. But to all that don't know, I am pregnant. Hooray, thank heavens, finally, it's about time....yes, all of those things. Everything is looking good and that is such a relief. I am 15 weeks. Everyone asks, are you going to find out and what do you want to have? We are definitely finding out in 5 weeks!!!!! So excited. I am hoping for a girl but will be happy with a healthy baby.
No pictures, cause honestly there is nothing to show, except me being a little thicker with no real visible baby bump. Just bigger in places that aren't even baby, like the butt and thighs, under the arms, and chest (guess that is related or will be at some point) Most people probably don't notice, but I definitely do. And I fit into most of my clothes, but let's just say they're getting a little too tight. I am glad I had some that were loose before, cause they aren't anymore. I am feeling good, haven't been sick, which I am so thankful for. So really not much has changed, but don't think I don't know that it will in February. Our world will be changed forever....but we can't wait. We are very excited!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My husbandimony

I knew at the time that I was happy and lucky and had found the perfect man for me. 3 years ago today we sealed the deal and I feel happier, luckier, and even more sure of my choice. Jim couldn't be more perfect for me and I am so glad I waited 32 years to find him because he was worth every minute. Someone recently asked me if marriage was an adjustment or if Jim has a habit that drives me crazy and I can honestly answer NO to both of those questions.
He treats me with love and respect and kindness.
He is positive and optimistic and lets things that don't matter go.
He is always willing to help others, whether it is an inconvenience to him or not.
He makes me laugh and we can joke around and be silly.
He likes to breakout into any song that fits the moment.
He tries so hard to make me happy and does what he can to make things right.
He is a hard worker and puts everything he has into his company.
He loves being active and is always up for anything.
He works out hard to be the hunk that I get to cuddle up to every night.(which I love)
He loves the Lord and has a sensitive heart.
He would take care of all the less fortunate people in the world, if he could.
He loves his family, even when they don't appreciate him.
He loves kids and is a great uncle and will be a great dad someday!
He is a man of integrity and honor.
He is my best friend and I love being around him.
He can make a mean egg salad sandwich.
He cooks and cleans and helps out around the house when I need him to.
He makes me want to be a better person.
He is one of the best men I know and I am so blessed that he is mine!
I love you babe!
Happy Anniversary!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hickman Hotel

I'm not saying it's the best hotel around, but it was free. I had family come for visits in July! My cute nieces and nephews were fun and it is always nice to see family cause they all live far away. First my brother Michael and his family came for the 4th.
Sophie, Levi, and Kionah. (Couldn't get her picture the size I wanted and gave up)
Some fun fireworks. Alita, my sister-in-law was the ring leader for these. Good times!
The kids playing in the dirt, in the hot Utah sun.

Next my sister and her 3 kids came, accompanied by my nice mom. She is always there to help.
Here is Lucas with a milk mustache.
And Jacob, with his mustache.
Grandma reading to the kids and them loving it.
Lucas loves motorcycles and Uncle Jim gave all the kids a ride. Here is Lucas taking his own ride.
Our cute neighbor Ashley let us borrow her kids and pool to play with. Here they are having a water balloon fight in the pool.
They loved playing together and became good friends in a matter of days. Then the Hotel closed and now it is quiet and boring again. But so glad everyone came to visit.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back in the OC for a visit

CALIFORNIA! This is how my trip started off. With a girls lunch at The Corner Bakery. It has been too long since I have spent time in California with some of my favorite, amazing friends. Cori, Jen, Stephanie (Sydney on my lap), and Lynnley. It was fun to catch up and just hang out. It was less fun when Sydney peed down my leg, but thankfully I was wearing black pants so you couldn't see the wet spot after I drenched them in water. Then I went with Cori to get pedicures, a given when in California.
Then there was shopping. Another must do in California, especially since Ann Taylor Loft was having a sale. I love that store. Jen, Julie, and I also enjoyed breakfast at Sugar Shack and a few hours relaxing on the beach, time hanging at their house, a movie and dinner. I seriously miss that place. People complain about the traffic, but it was so nice to drive there for me cause people drive. They know how to use their gas peddles and no one watched speed limits. You just go, unlike drivers in Utah, they drive me bonkers. Jen fought getting her picture taken at first, cause it looked like Ann Taylor Loft threw up on her (her words), I just look at it like they are getting a free model for marketing.
Then there was lunch with some of my friends from my old school John Marshall. Jenni, and Catherine are so fun. We experienced some great people watching and as always there were tears of laughter. I love these girls.
At some point I forgot to take a few pictures to document more good times, such as, dinner at Lynnley's, thanks, it is always fun to hang with you. And my friend Beth got to bring home Baby Colton. He has been in NI CU for 6 weeks, but he is home now, doing great, and I got to go visit him. He is adorable.
I miss so many things about California...but mostly I miss my good friends. It's always fun to go back and pick up like no time has gone by. Thanks for making time to see me, it was so fun.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I will start with the more spiritual side, before I move on to the worldly side.
My mom came to visit last Wednesday so we could go to Women's Conference at BYU. They pack as much as they can into that much so that you have to pack a lunch cause you don't have time to stop for one. It started Thursday morning with an opening session, then there were back to back classes. We skipped the last class and service project so we could eat lunch at 2 and get some shopping in. Then we were back that night for a great concert. There was Micheal McLean, Hilary Weeks (who sang one of my favorite songs), Alex Boye, Dallyn Bayles, Mercy River, and the Fab 5 dancers from America's Got Talent. It was amazing. Friday it was back to classes, but this time we made it to all of them and scarfed down half a sandwich in about 2 minutes before a class. Honestly, I haven't been before and have never really even thought about going, but things like this are always so good and uplifting. It leaves you wanting to be a better person and that lasts for at least 5 seconds till I am bad mouthing the driver in front of me as we drive out of the parking lot. Listening to the speakers, their inspiring stories and examples of faith was touching. It makes me want to be closer to the Savior and be more positive and a better person. Getting that to translate into my life is another story, but I am a work in progress.

Along with the spiritual, my mom and I had lots of fun. We found some fabulous deals of can't pass up a shirt on sale for $5-10. We would scan the clothes and laugh about the price, saying "it's ridiculous NOT to get it for this price." We ate Cheesecake and avocado egg rolls, two times. Went to a soccer game, bought a car, and made a cool rap video. My brother posts a rap video on Facebook every Friday. So I wrote the rap, (my first time participating) and my mom was free and crazy enough to rap it. Cause that is just how much fun she is. If I was more savvy I would download it onto my blog....but it took us hours to figure how to get it on to go to my Facebook page if you want to see it, and you will want to see it. Good times!

Next there is the material side to the weekend. I traded in my Acura TRX, which I LOVED and upgraded to this. A Lexus RX, which I am sure I will also love. It is used, but practically new and we got a good deal, so we couldn't pass it up. It was actually hard for me to let go of my Acura, it's been a perfect car. But I have been thinking about and looking at cars for months and when this came along I had to act. Thank goodness for Jim and for men that are able to negotiate and not get taken advantage of. I just turn it over to him cause they fill me with all sorts of nonsense. We liked our car sales man at the beginning, but in the end he is a car salesmen, just like the rest of them. You just have to laugh at the lines that they feed you, like "I had two other people want to buy that today." "Oh, you are really getting a great deal, I sold one like this for this much more and it didn't have.....blah blah blah" But he was personable and he had a guy drive it up to Logan for me, so that was nice.  It is so quiet and it drives nice so far. It's mine now! it looks gray in these pictures, but it is Bambo, which is a tan, green mixture.
And that was my exciting weekend!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sun & Fun

Going to Mexico saved me. I might have repayed Mexico by taking the Swine Flu back to them....but the warm weather and ocean moisture helped me feel better. A week and a half before we left I was pretty sick. Started as the flu then a bad chest cough and respiratory problems. I lost my voice and displaced ribs all over the place from coughing so hard and so much. I'm kidding about the swine flu, I don't think I had it, but I did get an inhaler, along with some other things from the doctor. But thank heavens for warmer places that aren't dry enough to suck the life out of you. Here we are so excited to be there.
We went with our friends the Robbins to Cancun. Glad to report that we are still friends after the vacation, I mean, there is always the risk of the friendship not holding up to 24-7 time spent together. But we had a great time.
It started off with us flying the red eye to Mexico. We got there at 4:45 in the morning and had to wait for the Mexican border staff to decide to come to work. No workers were there to let us in the country for half an hour. That is how they roll down there. WOW, is all I can say.

So first thing on the agneda was to take a nap. Then to town for supplies. Then to the pool to relax.
We spent a lot of time reading by the pool and drinking pina colodas. Even without alcohol we were there for the 2 for 1, happy hour. Oh yeah!


We made the boys take a pilates class with us. Natalie and I got massages while the boys played golf and had a horrible scuba diving experience. We played beach volleyball and even did water aerobics...if you can call pelvic thrusting in the water while waving your arms ridiculously in the air aerobics, but we went with it.

Matt got pulled over by the cops and had to pay them off, but totally worth it for the picture and the cop smiling and waving wildly at us when we passed him again.

We went and learned lots of interesting things about Tulum, some ancient ruins. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten it all, but it was interesting stuff.

We played lots of cards at night....I am cured of wanting to play hearts again for a long time. The last night for me was brutal and I got a little grumpy. Got even grumpier the next day at the airport when they took away my favorite tweezers and searched me three times. Honestly! And I have always taken those tweezers and have never had a problem. Not happy about that!

Over all it was a great trip. I soaked up the sun and vitamin D never felt so good. We did take a few to many pictures in our swim suits....let's be honest....those are never as cute and it's better not to have proof that you didn't look as good as you wanted to in a swim suit. It was a fabulous trip. Thanks Matt and Natalie for ditching your kids to hang out with us over Easter.