Monday, February 1, 2010


Nagging works! I have been bugging Jim forever that we needed to go on a trip. So one day a few weeks ago he says, "What about Thailand?" I say sure. He booked the tickets the next day and we left the following Saturday. Cause that is how he rolls and I just take what I can get.
Yes, it is a LONG plane ride to the other side of the world. The culture is so different...they don't try to protect you from yourself. If you do something stupid, you can get in trouble. Glad we didn't have any problems with our least nothing that harmed us.
The weather was perfect. Sunny and 90's everyday. We started in Bangkok and did lots of touristy things. The drivers would always take you to lots of floating markets and jewlery stores, and pretty much any place where the owners gave them kick backs to bring tourists..
Here is us and our friends the Rowlans in our Tuk tuks, being carted around town to all the stores we didn't want to go to.
Here is Jim in front of Golden Buddah. Lots of temples over there, and lots of Buddah.

Here is the Grand Palace. To get in you have to be wearing long pants....if you weren't, you could borrow clothes. Don't we look sexy! Yes, those are elephant pants Jim is wearing. Sad but true, we didn't buy them.
We got to pet monkeys and have them sit on our lap. Then we watched their little monkey show. It was pretty funny. One of their tricks was supposed to be doing addition and subtraction....but lets just say they did not get the answers correct. They might want to reconsider having that in the show.

We fed elephants. I got slobbered on, which was discusting. We need to work on Jim's photography skills. He takes one and they are always when I look horrible. Seriously!

Then we went to a different place and got to ride the elephants. The driver got off and Jim drove the elephant a lot of the way. It was not comfortable for him at all, but he did great. Those Thai people are bendy and small.

We went to this zoo like place. They put on an elephant show and it was AMAZING! I mean, how do you even train an elephant to walk the tight rope and paint pictures. They also played soccer and I was totally in awe. You can also feed the giraffes and get your fingers eaten by monkeys and tigers. Totally different experience than at our zoos. Yeah that tiger wanted me for lunch.

Then it was to Phucket for relaxing. We did some snorkeling, swimming, Thai massages by the beach, and reading by the pool. It was fabulous.

And don't forget the highlight for the men.....feeding the wild monkeys on Phi Phi island. The monkeys loved food, especially cookies, chips, and pop. But I did see them hiss and chase people that were not doing what they wanted them to do. Our friend Stan was like a monkey whisperer. He had one eating stuff off the top of his head and was helping them drink water out of a bottle. Jim on the other hand was making the monkeys work for their food. He had them jumping or swinging upside down to get the food he had. There were so many monkeys. It was also interesting to see the hiarchy at work, first the men, then when they were done they left and the women could come, then last the little monkeys could come scavange for leftovers. The ocean was clear and warm and perfect.

Thailand was fabulous. Now.....where to think about going next?????????