Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News to Some

For some of you this will not be new news. But to all that don't know, I am pregnant. Hooray, thank heavens, finally, it's about time....yes, all of those things. Everything is looking good and that is such a relief. I am 15 weeks. Everyone asks, are you going to find out and what do you want to have? We are definitely finding out in 5 weeks!!!!! So excited. I am hoping for a girl but will be happy with a healthy baby.
No pictures, cause honestly there is nothing to show, except me being a little thicker with no real visible baby bump. Just bigger in places that aren't even baby, like the butt and thighs, under the arms, and chest (guess that is related or will be at some point) Most people probably don't notice, but I definitely do. And I fit into most of my clothes, but let's just say they're getting a little too tight. I am glad I had some that were loose before, cause they aren't anymore. I am feeling good, haven't been sick, which I am so thankful for. So really not much has changed, but don't think I don't know that it will in February. Our world will be changed forever....but we can't wait. We are very excited!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My husbandimony

I knew at the time that I was happy and lucky and had found the perfect man for me. 3 years ago today we sealed the deal and I feel happier, luckier, and even more sure of my choice. Jim couldn't be more perfect for me and I am so glad I waited 32 years to find him because he was worth every minute. Someone recently asked me if marriage was an adjustment or if Jim has a habit that drives me crazy and I can honestly answer NO to both of those questions.
He treats me with love and respect and kindness.
He is positive and optimistic and lets things that don't matter go.
He is always willing to help others, whether it is an inconvenience to him or not.
He makes me laugh and we can joke around and be silly.
He likes to breakout into any song that fits the moment.
He tries so hard to make me happy and does what he can to make things right.
He is a hard worker and puts everything he has into his company.
He loves being active and is always up for anything.
He works out hard to be the hunk that I get to cuddle up to every night.(which I love)
He loves the Lord and has a sensitive heart.
He would take care of all the less fortunate people in the world, if he could.
He loves his family, even when they don't appreciate him.
He loves kids and is a great uncle and will be a great dad someday!
He is a man of integrity and honor.
He is my best friend and I love being around him.
He can make a mean egg salad sandwich.
He cooks and cleans and helps out around the house when I need him to.
He makes me want to be a better person.
He is one of the best men I know and I am so blessed that he is mine!
I love you babe!
Happy Anniversary!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hickman Hotel

I'm not saying it's the best hotel around, but it was free. I had family come for visits in July! My cute nieces and nephews were fun and it is always nice to see family cause they all live far away. First my brother Michael and his family came for the 4th.
Sophie, Levi, and Kionah. (Couldn't get her picture the size I wanted and gave up)
Some fun fireworks. Alita, my sister-in-law was the ring leader for these. Good times!
The kids playing in the dirt, in the hot Utah sun.

Next my sister and her 3 kids came, accompanied by my nice mom. She is always there to help.
Here is Lucas with a milk mustache.
And Jacob, with his mustache.
Grandma reading to the kids and them loving it.
Lucas loves motorcycles and Uncle Jim gave all the kids a ride. Here is Lucas taking his own ride.
Our cute neighbor Ashley let us borrow her kids and pool to play with. Here they are having a water balloon fight in the pool.
They loved playing together and became good friends in a matter of days. Then the Hotel closed and now it is quiet and boring again. But so glad everyone came to visit.