Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hawaii- in April

Had a wonderful time in Hawaii. Carter got to hang out in the cockpit . (Didn't think they still did that) super cool dude!
He was waking up at 4:30 every morning, boo!
So awesome to have grandma come with us!
Carter loved the ocean!
Delany loved grandma!
Our little swimmer, getting so big. 
The luau was great!
Hiking to the waterfalls! It was down pouring till we got out of the car, then it was beautiful! ( living right;)
Volcano tunnels! Cool!
We saw a shark on our submarine ride. It was so fun!
Shaved ice is legendary!
Beach time! We saw huge turtles and it was a high light! 
We gave grandma a few minutes off to relax!
Delany loves the water and eating sand!
She was a trooper and went with the flow.
He did a lot of playing!
Park time 
It was a great trip! Thanks to grandma!
Baby girl is sitting up and getting big!