Monday, September 28, 2009

I may have a problem!!!

I can't stop eating the delicious peach salsa I made yesterday. My sister-in-law Holly brought me some peaches for my birthday and I used her recipe to make the salsa. It was my first salsa attempt and even though Jim, my sou chef, and I had some differences on how it should be done, it turned out really tasty. Today I took some to my teacher friends cause I was subbing and they loved it too. I ate a ton last night, it was basically my lunch today, and my after school snack. I think I need to walk away.
Here is the link to the salsa. We changed it a bit. We didn't put in as much cumin, vinegar, jalapenos, or garlic and left out the pectin and last 3 1/2 cups of sugar.

Also, some special shout outs for other people that made my birthday special. My sister-in-law Suzanne took the September birthday people out to dinner. So Suzanne and Mike took two of their nieces and me to dinner to Texas Road House. It was fun and all 3 birthday girls took a turn on the birthday saddle. I love Texas Road House, it is delicious! She has some funny video on her blog, it's the Biker Diva blog in my friends list, check it out.

#1 birthday winner was my husband Jim. I told him I had bought my own birthday present, so I wasn't sure he was going to do anything. He got off work early, got me beautiful flowers and made dinner and baked me a pumpkin cake from scratch. He was sweating to get it all finished by the time I got home from teaching pilates. He had a problem getting the cake out of the pan, so half of it was in pieces but he tried his best to ice the rest and write Happy birthday on it. It wasn't the prettiest cake but it was delicious! He was so sweet and it meant so much that he tried so hard.
It was a great day! It's nice to be special for one day!