Thursday, September 22, 2011

7 months

The weekly changes are amazing. Carter is starting to explore his surroundings. Just in the last couple of days really getting up on his hands and knees to try to crawl. He is also quite the talker sometimes. What cracks me up is how his whole jaw moves.

He has already had a few bumps and bruises. This one across his nose was from taking a nose dive when he was sitting in the grocery cart. I thought it hit his cheek but for the rest of the day there was a nice red line on his nose. Poor baby.

He also doesn't like to sit still for diaper changes anymore. So I give him something and have started changing him on the floor. He was pulling himself to look over the edge of the changing table....and he lunged for the fan while on a chair the other day. So, the floor it is!
He is also enjoying pulling out toys from his toy basket. The question is will I be able to teach him to put them back in?

Here we are going for our daily walk. He loves grabbing my sunglasses and his, I guess.

It's hard work crawling around....he is resting!

I went on a scrapbooking retreat last weekend and Jim watched Carter. He did awesome and Jim is an amazing dad. Carter wouldn't go to sleep the Monday after I got back, not sure if he had anxiety about me not being there when he woke up or what. Thankfully he is back to his regular schedule. It was hard for me to leave but it was a lot of fun. The girls are a blast, the food is fabulous, and I got caught up on Carter's scrapbook. This weekend we are taking Carter to Vegas. His first plane ride. Hope it goes well.

Monday, September 12, 2011


So first off, I just want to say that I am so grateful that Carter is healthy. My niece is sick in the hospital and it is heart breaking. I don't do well with children being sick, my sensitive side can't take it. My brother and sister in law have been amazing. Their strength and faith inspire me, but I know it is not easy. So my heart and prayers go out to them and I am thankful for Heavenly Father and know he is looking out for Sophie and her family.

Hard to want to update about Carter when that is on my mind, but I need to stay on top of it. He is becoming quite the mover and shaker. On Labor day he was sitting playing with a toy, I think he tried to climb on it. Next thing I see his whole body somersaulting in the air and he lands on his head. He had a big red bruise there for a bit. But I guess that is a glimpse of things to come. He is rolling or army crawling places, not far yet, but I'm sure it won't be long. Cause he has started getting up on his hands and knees the past few days. He has also become quite the little talker. He was all sort of noisy yesterday at church. His whole mouth moves and it looks so cute. We tried to video tape it, but then he clammed up of course.
Here is his bruise, sure he will have more where that came from.
Here he is exploring under his crib.

He loves to chew on his rubber ducky in the bathtub. It looks like he is protecting it here, so it doesn't float away.

He has started splashing more and really enjoys his bath time. The other day he was sitting up and he was splashing, then he would laugh when I splashed or splashed with the duck. He thought it was hilarious!

He is discovering details. Here he is playing with the handle of the coffee table.

He was on all fours, but by the time I got the camera he was sitting back a little. But he is going to be crawling soon. WOW! He always wants to stand. He reaches for my hands, telling me he is ready to stand up. Jim even tried to walk with him. He loves looking at himself in the mirror. He holds on the towel ring in the bathroom when I put him in front of the mirror. He loves it!

Hopefully he survives all the bumps and bruises that are in his future. Hey, I am just hoping he survives the weekend. I am going scrap booking and his dad is watching him. Don't get me wrong, Jim is amazing with him. So cute and fun....but he is a guy. He has already suggested taking him on a motorcycle day ride or just following the ride from an all day bus ride. Or golfing 18 holes. I know Jim needs to learn things for himself, I just don't want Carter to be tortured in the process. I'm sure Carter will love's just me that will be nervous.
Today we had a park play date. My friend Lindsey has a little boy a few days younger than Carter. It was the first time getting them together. It's so amazing to see that kids develop similarly and it's nice to have another new mom to talk to about everything. At our 6 month appointment the doctors measured Carter and I didn't think it was correct. Graham measured bigger than Carter, and so I compared them today and Carter is clearly bigger. Glad to know it wasn't me that was off. Anyway, of course the boys weren't exactly sure what to think of each other...they did try to grab each others toys. And Graham did try to grab Carter, which Carter didn't like. It's so funny to watch. Glad after months of talking about it we finally had our play date. Can't wait for more in the future. Graham was so cute and smiley...I'm not sure Carter liked sharing my attention. He was looking at me like...hey lady...why are you playing with that kid?

My little boy is getting so big. It is interesting how he is okay with some people and then not okay with others. Jim and I went to the Parade of Homes this weekend. One of his friends was holding Carter while Jim and I walked around the house and Carter was fine. But other times he is fussy when others hold him. Who knows. He went to his first USU football game. He wasn't a fan of the noise for the first few minutes, but then he sat good for the rest of the game. He did enjoy the small nibbles of popcorn I gave him.
He also loves his Baby Einstein video. The first time I only watched it for a few minutes and turned it off cause I thought it was random, but Carter likes it. So once a week I put it on, and he laughs and is glued to the TV. I love my cute baby!