Friday, March 19, 2010

Two things I HATE!

Lets start with #1 thing I hate. That would be hackers. you really have nothing better to do with your obvious computer skills? And lets get real for a you think if I was stranded in London I would email people I haven't talked to for YEARS and ask them for money? Let's say I am crazy enough to do that, do you really think they are crazy enough to send it to you without talking to me or something. Do you not think I would call my husband and parents first to be taken care of. Aside from being totally unrealistic, it is a big pain in the ass. Yes, I said it and I mean it. They locked me out of my accounts, yahoo, gmail, and facebook and sent messages from all of them. Jim came home laughing about the email at 6:30am...but he wasn't thinking it was so funny at the end of the day. I had concerned friends give phone calls and text messages. And I had long lost friends offer to send me whatever I needed. Thank you to them. Here are a few (very few) funny moments of the day. When my sister emailed back and asked "where is Jim and why are you in London?" When I talked to her on the phone she said, "I was wondering why you didn't just ask mom and dad, I don't have $1300 dollars." Glad to know the limit of her love for me. haha. It made me laugh. Another friend, Alana emailed the hackers back and told them to go make their own money and quit trying to steal other peoples. I LOVE IT! I think I finally secured all my sites, but it still makes me nervous and I am locked out of facebook again....not sure why. It was such a diasaster. So be careful to all my friends cause now that they have your email address they will try to get you to give them more info so they can hack you. It will look legit, like from a bank, or yahoo or something, but don't give any info out. So sorry to all my friends!!!! PS. the phone number attached to my acccount was from Nigeria. WHAT?????
The next thing I hate is sorry VOLES. They have destroyed my lawn. I see them running through my rock wall and through the tunnels in my lawn, as I type. That is right, I see them! Don't think we haven't tried to get rid of them, after I got a little crazy yelling about it to Jim.(Hey, I needed some action taken) I sent Jim on a 30 minute drive to get 2 farm cats. As soon as they got to our house they ran for the hills, not to be seen again. (although the cat food I have outside was gone this morning, so there is hope. Or the mice are eating it) Then Jim got some poison and put it in a few holes and rocks. He also raked our lawn, with mice running for the hills, to destroy their homes. But alas.....I still see voles running around our yard. And there are at least 5-10 dead ones in each of our window wells. Thank goodness for Jim, cause I can't deal with that. Please come back cats...I need you!
That is my rant, I am hoping next week will be better!