Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good friends

It was a weekend of laughter, memories, sharing, and just enjoying being with the girls. I miss my girl friends from California. I was so excited for them to pick me up on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. From there we ate, lounged, shopped, and had a great time. To bad the weather didn't cooperate...Saturday morning we got dressed in our swimming suits for about 2 minutes till we realized the pool was not going to happen. So we went shopping and got pedicures.

This cake from Claim jumper lasted the 5 of us for days. It was a great way to start off the day. I also miss lots of restaurant choices.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love the SUN!!!

I love being in the warm weather, just soaking it up....and that's what we did on our cruise. We went on the Eastern Caribbean on an 8 day cruise and it was fabulous. We went with a fun group of Jim's soccer buddies and their wives. There were so many pictures taken that I don't know where to start.
Here we are making sure we know the safety drill.Those reflectors would really work, they were bright in the flash.
This is Jim riding the waves on the Flow Rider. They tried it on the knees first then surfing. It was lots of fun...but Jim's neck was sore for days after from wiping out.There were many people watching that got more than they bargained for....let's just say....crack can kill. Say no to crack if you can!
Here is the gang as we sail away.
Here we are in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We toured a few old military forts. They were really cool. Jim loves history so he reads all the information.

Here we are in St. Thomas. We went to a remote beach and snorkeled and got a little too much sun.
Ginger made this sign out of rocks. I spotted a turtle like rock and Ginger made it look like a real turtle. I decided to ride it...not sure why but yeehaw! I wanted to see a real turtle but no luck when we were snorkeling. The rock turtle was a close second though.

Here we are in Labadee, Royal Caribbeans private island.

This is our formal's as fancy as we get. But we look GOOD!
Every night we found a new towel animal made up from Cynthia, our room maid. They were really cool. She made a dog, rabbit, love swans, turtle, and this monkey.
We had a great time and it's always hard to come back home. It's harder of course when your flight is cancelled. We ended up driving 9 hours to a different airport just so we could fly home the next day. (Jim got a ticket in GA...the cop was not friendly!)Otherwise we could have been stuck there for a few days. But we are home now trying to recover from the late night fun.