Monday, March 18, 2013

Look Who Is TWO!!!

My big boy is 2. For those that don't know he will be a big brother in September. Heaven help me! He is so fun though. Learning his colors, counting to 10, recognizing shapes and letters. He has a great memory. He loves reading and his new favorite show is Dora. He helps me with driving by yelling out whenever there is a stop sign. "Stop it sign" Or "stop it!" He is always learning to tell cars to get out of the way....that comes from both his dad and I....haha! He is a good eater. He is going through a phase where he is always worried about "scary monsters" I am not sure if he is really scared or just likes to say it. He does get scared, so we stick to safe shows and experiences as much as possible. We are loving being able to play outside again. Thank heavens for SPRING! He is still a mommas boy. He asks me to "hold you" all the time. He loves to sing and knows many songs and makes up some too. He is all about who's turn it is. Mommy's turn, or Carter's turn. Hopefully one day he will learn to share toys and not horde them when other kids are around. He is fun!
Again a swim birthday that Carter would not get in the water for....guess we need to rethink that for next year.

He did love his train tunnel cake. 

Party favors! Trains and bubbles!

We had lots of cousins to help celebrate. So that is always fun. Thanks to everyone for making the trip to celebrate with us.
My sister was a huge help, thank you! And Carter loved playing with her kids. We love when the Aland's come to visit.

Daddy was ready to swim, but Carter preferred playing with toys.

Lucas was Carter's favorite person to drag around or try to keep his toys away from. Lucas was a good sport!