Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back in the OC for a visit

CALIFORNIA! This is how my trip started off. With a girls lunch at The Corner Bakery. It has been too long since I have spent time in California with some of my favorite, amazing friends. Cori, Jen, Stephanie (Sydney on my lap), and Lynnley. It was fun to catch up and just hang out. It was less fun when Sydney peed down my leg, but thankfully I was wearing black pants so you couldn't see the wet spot after I drenched them in water. Then I went with Cori to get pedicures, a given when in California.
Then there was shopping. Another must do in California, especially since Ann Taylor Loft was having a sale. I love that store. Jen, Julie, and I also enjoyed breakfast at Sugar Shack and a few hours relaxing on the beach, time hanging at their house, a movie and dinner. I seriously miss that place. People complain about the traffic, but it was so nice to drive there for me cause people drive. They know how to use their gas peddles and no one watched speed limits. You just go, unlike drivers in Utah, they drive me bonkers. Jen fought getting her picture taken at first, cause it looked like Ann Taylor Loft threw up on her (her words), I just look at it like they are getting a free model for marketing.
Then there was lunch with some of my friends from my old school John Marshall. Jenni, and Catherine are so fun. We experienced some great people watching and as always there were tears of laughter. I love these girls.
At some point I forgot to take a few pictures to document more good times, such as, dinner at Lynnley's, thanks, it is always fun to hang with you. And my friend Beth got to bring home Baby Colton. He has been in NI CU for 6 weeks, but he is home now, doing great, and I got to go visit him. He is adorable.
I miss so many things about California...but mostly I miss my good friends. It's always fun to go back and pick up like no time has gone by. Thanks for making time to see me, it was so fun.