Sunday, May 31, 2009


What is it about our house that keeps wasps making their hives in every crack outside our house. For weeks we have been knocking down hives and spraying, hoping the wasps get the hint. I first noticed hives at both sides of my garage door.
So, as a good wife, I yelled for Jim to take care of the problem. Here he hero!

At first we just knocked them down...and by the next day they had built a new hive in the same spot. I had to take more drastic measures! Step two....I tried to research on the Internet and found out that we have lots of Paperwasps surrounding our house. Step three -The solution was to buy RAID for wasps, so I did. As Jim walked around the house, he found multiple nests on all sides on the house. I can not feel relaxed outside on the porch if I am in a constant state of wasp watch. The Raid is supposed to work for a few weeks so they don't build their nests in the same spot....for the most part this has worked, except for the door to my porch. So this is what I am greeted by when I want to go out back.HELLO!And now the wasps are getting trickier.
But I am on to them....of course I have to buy another can of spray cause trying to stop them from building is a full time job! We are on the run after Jim tried to knock down a nest with 4 wasps on it and the can of Raid was empty. We are SURROUNDED! HELP!


Casey Family said...

Hey we had the same thing last year and had Specialized Pest Control come out and spray our whole house.
It cost $65.00 dollars and got rid of them for the summer. Priceless! Good luck.
Jen Casey

The Bullknitter said...

Ok, cousin, help is on the way. At Heritage Park they hang paper bags up outside of all the buildings and they swear it keeps the wasps away. Apparently the wasps think another swarm has already made that their territory and they move on. The ultimate psych-out. Worth a try?