Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big Helper

Carter LOVES to help. He helps clean the floors and carry the laundry. Recently he has liked being able to help do the dishes, he gets more water on him and on the floor but it is pretty cute. He scrubs the plates and dishes. One morning I bravely let him help flip pancakes. He helped Jim shovel the walks yesterday, with a shovel just his size that Grandpa Jacobs bought him. It was so cute and hard work for a little guy.

Photo: Daddy's big helper. Thanks for the shovel, grandpa.
I can't believe how big and smart he is getting. He surprises me sometimes with letters he knows and recognizes. Although he does LOVE He knows some of his colors and shapes. I swear I haven't drilled anything into him, but I really think he loves learning. He sits so still during story time and nursery lesson time and just takes it in. 
I can't say exactly all the letters, numbers, etc he knows but here of some of his favorites. 
Letters - o, s, p, t
numbers - he knows 8,9,10 and is getting about about 1-5 in order as well.
Colors - yellow, purple, white
shapes - oval
Some other fun things from January, he was on a pizza kick for a while. He always said he wanted pizza. So I would cut up bread and act like it was bread sticks/pizza. 
He was calling himself baby for a while, But I have been working on his name and he now can say Carter Hickman. He LOVES hide and seek and is pretty good at hiding. He is really quiet sometimes, other times he gives himself away cause when you say " is he behind the couch?" and he is somewhere else he will answer "no"
He sometimes helps say the prayer, as long as it is short.
He uses sounds when referring to names of things. Such as dogs are ruffs, trains are choo choos, fire trucks are weehoo weehoos.
It's so funny when he is looking for something and covers his mouth, instead of cupping it, and says' "ruff, where are you?" He also whispers things sometimes and it is the cutest thing.
The love I have for this kid only grows and I think he is pretty special. He really tries to do the right thing. Besides being bossy, he is pretty great!