Saturday, December 7, 2013


Delany had her first laugh tonight as I was bathing her. Nothing better than that and I can't wait to start seeing more of her personality. Carter already loves her but he will love making her laugh too. 

Carter loves making up songs and makes me sing crocodile songs to him every night. It is so fun. I love my family!
Smiley baby girl!
Feeding herself:) momma likes that!
Having fun with the elf on the shelf. Carter spotted him at the top of the Christmas tree this morning, pulled his stocking holder down on his head one morning when the elf was hiding in his stocking. Fun times!

My nephew changed Carter's diaper and put Delany's diaper on instead. Hello speedo! We all had a good laugh!

I love that carter is learning about Jesus and all about Christmas. He is at a fun age. The other day he said he wanted a thousand dollars. Where does he come up with this stuff. Love my kids! When they aren't making me crazy, they are making me so happy:)


The Suzzzz said...

Oh my gosh the speedo diaper is hilarious! I love that Carter just has this bland look on his face like "What?" Thanks for sharing that.