Friday, May 16, 2014

8 months going on One....

Heaven help me. Delany is standing up on everything. She is much to small to be this much trouble. She holds on to the coffee table. She stands in her crib, naps times are harder now. She holds on to the bars of the safety gate and stands. 
I can't take pictures of some of the places she has stood cause I am too busy trying to protect her from killing herself. Going up is easier than going down.
Today while we were in my Pilates room, she not only stood up on my machine but managed to climb on top of it and stand. She apparently she is ready to walk up stairs. Yikes!
She has cut her two bottom teeth. She is usually happy and a good baby. She is starting to laugh and understand teasing and playing. 
She still isn't the biggest eater. She does like bananas and eating some finger foods, like digestive crackers. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. 
Easter outfits 
Play time
Carter is so fun but seems to be needing some extra love lately. Wants me to hold him all the time. one of his favorite things to ask- how was your day? So funny. 
He has started locking us out of the house. Awesome! He locked the front door and garage door and had the back door wide open for me to come in. He is a great story teller with expression and animation. He likes to make up songs. He refuses to be potty trained, I am not sure what it is going to take.
I seriously love my kids but somedays I think I need to be 10 years younger. But they sure are cute!


Wendy said...

Sara, she is adorable!!!